Working up the courage to send a message to someone on JDate can be tough. So if you’re putting in the effort to craft that perfect email, you certainly hope you’ll get a reply in return. If you find yourself left hanging without the responses you were hoping for, it might be time to tweak your process. Here are some handy tips for getting someone to actually write back when you send a message on JDate.

1. Look For Clues

Here’s the thing about JDate: while most of the members are active on the site, some have left their profiles unattended for months at a time. Whether they got into a relationship or simply decided to take a break from online dating, these folks have a pretty low chance of replying since they rarely log in to the site.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to see if someone is active. You can check below their intro to see what’s listed next to the “Last Logged In” field. If it’s 6 hours ago? Great. If it’s 6 months ago? Not so great. You’ll get more replies to your messages if you focus on finding members who are actively looking on JDate.

Pro tip: Another way to do this is by using the Sort By function with your search results. One of the options here is “Last Online,” which prioritizes people who have recently logged in.

2. Make Every Message Unique

When you’re trying to contact multiple interesting matches online, it’s tempting to fall back on a quick, impersonal message. After all, why invest all that effort if there’s a chance they might not even reply?

The truth is that your first message means so, so much. As they say, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure yours is a good one. You’ll want to spend time crafting a personalized message for each individual that has caught you eye. When you skimp on this step, it’s immediately noticeable, so take time to write something that’s sincere while also showcasing your personality.

3. Experiment With JDate’s Communication Features

JDate’s messaging features extend well beyond the simple email inbox. While sending and receiving emails is a great way to initiate things with a potential match, it’s certainly not your only option. You can also try these features to get in touch with someone on JDate:

  • Chat: If you notice the green circle on someone’s profile, it means they’re online and you can Instant Message them through JDate’s Chat feature. It’s a nice way to open up the conversation without the pressure of crafting the perfect email. Plus, you can send photos via IM!
  • Flirts: Nothing breaks the ice quite like a Flirt on JDate. It’s a fun way to show someone that you like what you see. They’ll get a notification that you sent a Flirt, so it puts the ball in their court to make the next move.
  • AllAccess: This is a premium subscription feature that allows you to communicate with anyone on JDate regardless of their subscription status. That includes messages, chats and flirts, so if you don’t want to be restricted to communicating only with fellow subscribers, this is the way to go.

Use these tips to get more replies online from the JDate members who have caught your eye. The more practice you have, the better you’ll be at communicating online, so start by sending a message or flirt to someone today.

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