“Serendipity” is one of my favorite words. I just love how it sounds. After college, I truly believed I would serendipitously meet my better half at the gym, gas station, grocery store, work, or better yet, he would just knock on my door. Obviously, not the case as of yet.

Although a hopeless romantic, (with a collection of entertaining “How I met Mr. Serendipity” stories) as a busy professional, I have put that “meet cute” belief aside as I have surrendered to the notion that the story may not be that spectacular or even organic (i.e JDate). More importantly, I have come to terms that it’s not how or where you meet – but what you do with the relationship after the connection. With a more open-minded attitude, I’m looking forward to the spring, doing new activities on my own and with new friends. Who knows, it may even lend itself to that evasive serendipitous encounter.