Who says you have to go out to have fun? My girls and I had a blast last week when we all got together for a special “Girls’ Night In.” We planned a fun evening filled with wine, facials and JDating®! Yes, you read that correctly, we scheduled a night just for us girls to get together and help each other with our online dating profiles. If you’re ready for some quality time with your favorite girl posse, then read on to discover a fun online twist to the traditional girls’ night out!

Girls’ Night!

With facials in full force, my friend Carly* connected her laptop to her flat screen TV so we could all get on the same (web)page. Carly recently moved to Los Angeles and just signed up for a JDate account in hopes of meeting someone new. As experienced JDaters®, my friends and I figured it would not only be nice of us to show her the ins and outs of JDate, but it would be fun as well! And we were totally right!

The “Write” Stuff:

We started by crafting the perfect profile for Carly. Writing a personal essay is much easier when you have help from your girls! It may be tough to brag about yourself, but it’s never hard to brag about your friends. Just think about everything you love about your BFF and write it down. We did this for Carly and then had her revise everything we wrote into a cohesive first-person essay. It was honest, heartfelt and included some great stories she may have otherwise never thought to include!

Picture Perfect:

Next, we moved on to the profile picture. Carly had so many choices, but it was easy for us to narrow down all of her favorites to three amazing shots. Your best friends will always tell you when your picture just isn’t working for you… and hers wasn’t. Carly’s default photo included her and her brother; that’s a serious online dating don’t! You main profile pic should be a clear headshot featuring only you! We also took a few more fun pictures of Carly that night for her to use as additional photos. Her profile needed some personality oomph, and who better than your best friends to bring out your best personality traits? Plus, an impromptu photo shoot is necessary to make any girls’ night complete!

Online Shopping, Anyone?

Finally, we got to the fun part: perusing the men! This was definitely the best part of the evening as we picked out who we thought was cute, who we thought looked fun, and, most importantly, who we thought would make a good match for Carly! Sometimes your best friends can see something special in a guy that you may have otherwise missed! Plus, browsing for matches basically combines two of my favorite things: shopping and men!

Thanks to Carly’s ingenious idea to connect her laptop to her TV, we were all able to see each match clearly and comfortably without having to crowd around a tiny computer screen. As we picked out guys who seemed perfect for Carly, we also happened to find a few matches for ourselves as well! Luckily, no one had to call dibs! I think that’s what you would call a mitzvah for both Carly and the rest of us!

Have Your Own Girls’ Night In!

Girl time is always the best time. So when you combine good friends with some online dating fun, you’ve got one great combo! Use this idea for your next hangout with your girl posse and upload a few photos of the night to our Facebook page. Here’s a list of everything you will need to make this your best girls’ night yet!

  • A JDate account
  • A laptop
  • A television
  • An HDMI or DVI cable for an HDTV
  • S-Video cables for a non-HDTV
  • A bottle (or two) of your favorite wine
  • Your favorite facial product or nail polish colors for a little dose of beautification




*Name has been changed for privacy.

Rachel is JDate’s Community Manager. She’s here to break down the rules of dating, share first date tips and offer words of encouragement when dating gets tough. Hit up her Tumblr page for more insightful advice. Or, learn what makes Rachel tick by visiting her JDate profile!
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