You’ve got a brand new JDate profile, and you’re mingling with other Jewish singles – or at least you’re trying to. The selection of Jewish men and women to pick from is superb: smart, attractive, interesting and like-minded. You have the option of picking people who practice Judaism like you do, and you’re excited to start dating.

There’s only one problem. You’re not getting as much interest as you hoped you would. You wonder why, but figure maybe you just haven’t come across the right profile yet. While this may be true, there’s a good chance that the real culprit is a lackluster profile. Here are a few ways to revamp your JDate profile to get better results.

1. Ditch The Clichés

If your profile is full of cliché phrases and mottos like, “Live, Laugh, Love,” or “Lives life to the fullest” or “Seeks a partner in crime,” you may find yourself single for a while. The reality is, who doesn’t like to live, laugh and love, other than sociopaths? Cliché statements cause you to blend into the pack and make your profile, well, dull. Ditch those trite sentiments.

2. Post Better Photos

If your JDate photos are difficult to see (blurry, far away, etc.) or you’re like the millionth person in a large group photo and expect someone to figure out which one is you, it’s time for some fresh pics in your profile. If your photos are chock full of scenery and none of you, your profile is tanking based on that alone. Some great scenery shots are nice, but having the person in them is more important. People want to be able to see your face!

Along with picking photos that focus on you rather than a group or a location, remember to choose ones that have been taken pretty recently. You can usually tell when someone posts an old photo. If I wanted to know what you looked like in high school, I would ask. Keep those photos current!

3. Cut Back On Baggage

Oh, you didn’t just mention your old relationship, now did you? One of the biggest pet peeves and mistakes folks make on online dating profiles is announcing the baggage of a past marriage or relationship. Going on and on via your online profile about how you lived and learned sort of makes you sound as if you’re still healing from a breakup. Worse yet, it can even make it sound like your life revolves around relationship drama.

No one needs to know about your heartaches up front. When you pontificate about your baggage on your dating profile, it makes you look like damaged goods.

4. Stay Positive

Even worse than those who air their dirty laundry online are those who have negativity all over their profiles. One of the most common examples in this category are people who complain about there being no “real women” or “real men” left. Leave your negativity at the door, please.

5. Don’t Cop Out

Even with all the ways to express your personality on JDate member profiles, there will always be that guy who just writes, “Not a big talker. Ask me what you need to know.” Newsflash: it’s an online dating profile, not a request for interviews. Make the effort or you end up looking lazy.

6. Include All The Important Deets

Your accurate age, body type, occupation, level of religious practices and whether you have any kids or have been married are all important factors. Be sure to fill in the important stuff. The right person will find you this way. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of missed opportunities and simply end up frustrating people.

Look at your JDate profile makeover as an experiment. Will a few changes attract more interest? You’re almost guaranteed to get better results when you use the tips above.

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  1. I am having a hard time thinking that the quality of man I am looking for is going to show up!

    How do the matches get arranged because the men sent to me do not represent me at all?


  2. I find on this site that many woman are quick to judge- not giving a relationship a chance to develop.

    I am a professional, independent, been told “not hard on the eyes” , sweet, yet not a nerd, musician as a hobby, great friends and family.

    So what are you women looking for- love at first sight is great, and wonderful, but I believe try love grows with time (of course not too much time).

    So, how about some realistic goals and a date or two before thinking there is someone better for you??


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