For the last several years the words “Going Green” have become trendy buzz words. Well, my contribution to the “Green Project” is recycling. I’m a huge fan of recycling–that is, in the dating world.  I have met some really wonderful people on JDate.  And I recognize that just because none of them happened to be my perfect match, does not mean they won’t be absolutely perfect for someone else.  If I recognize good qualities and character traits in someone, I am most happy to “recycle” and set that person up in a NY minute.  Isn’t it three successful set ups and you get a free pass?  The point being– when JDating, I think it behooves everyone to take the time to get to know someone and not instantly dismiss them in five minutes. Although he/she may not be your prince(ss) charming, that person could be a future employer, friend or perhaps your friend’s future husband.  Trust me, being recycled is a HUGE compliment.  I would only propose a “recycle setup” if I thought highly of the person and their character.  Granted, it understandably may be a blow to the ego if one’s interest isn’t unreciprocated on the original date; however, looking on the bright side, with the “next bus around the corner” notion, you never know where the recycling process may lead you.  Happy Recycling!