I’ve decided to start training again. I must be crazy.  My mom and I are signing up for Disney’s Princess Half Marathon in 2010.  I’m excited to experience this with my mother, who is one of my closest friends.

In all honesty, I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2001 and 2003, but the pain was excruciating as I crossed the finished line.  Knowing I had raised money on behalf of the DC Aids Clinic, kept me going and able to go the distance.  I made a commitment and was obligated to try as hard as I could to complete the race.

I realize tons of people run marathons.  But being 5’3 and petite, yet curvy (arguably in the right places) I don’t have a lean runners body.  Running doesn’t come natural or easy.  However, after completing two marathons, I can say when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

As for dating, unlike some of my friends who were fortunate to do a sprint, I am apparently registered for the marathon. Some challenges, some lessons learned, some heartbreak and some incredible memories I wouldn’t exchange for anything.  I know I will complete this too. The finish line may not look how I imagined it would at age 20, but I am confident I will be smiling nonetheless.