It can be such a tricky situation: dating and children.  There are so many single parents out there who want to get back into the dating arena. What happens when your child does not approve of your dating life? I have worked with many families who have faced this very dilemma. Children’s feelings are incredibly important, but the best example parents can set for their children is to live happy and fulfilled lives. If every parent who wanted to date, didn’t because of their children and fear of disapproval, they would be in actuality living lives of martyrdom.  Children who grow up with parents whose needs are met, are taught to tend to their own needs. If you are one of those parents who generally puts your own needs on the back burner, keep in mind you are potentially setting your children up for a lifetime of guilt for depriving you.  If you’re taking care of you, you will teach your children to take care of themselves when they become adults.