I think that all of my tastes stopped evolving at age fourteen.  Though 1997 was great and it certainly had its highs (Los Del Rio, seeing Titanic for the first time, my first kiss), it also had unfathomable lows (Heaven’s Gate, my parents’ divorce, seeing Titanic for the second and all subsequent times).  I don’t know why I see it as a cultural or personal milestone that I had to preserve in my mind as a beacon of unequalled excellence.

Nevertheless, I don’t think that my likes or dislikes have changed since then, the Year of the Macarena.  My favorite food, in almost every cultural category, has been the same.  My dislike for cheese has remained deep-seated.    My dance skills are still awesome.  I still hope to one day ride in a spaceship.  I still like all the same music, movies, and television shows though new bands, movies, and programs have built on my tastes.  I still dislike coffee, and often ponder the existence of all hot drinks.  I still like girls.

I guess that once I started liking girls in more than just a procreative way, everything else sort of froze.  I have been stuck in a limbo-like youth state.  Maybe my life can continue maturing past age thirteen once I finally find someone that I want to spend the rest of my psychologically-stunted forever pre-teen life with.  Until then, I’ll be here, listening to The Nixons, chewing gum and drinking soda pop.