Dear JDate,

cont-mt-haleh-itaiI originally joined JDate because I wanted to try and meet a nice Jewish guy. While I am not a super-religious Jew, I know that Judaism is important to me, and that one day when I have children, I want to share the culture with a family. In 2006 I was dating, but not meeting Jewish men. I thought JDate might help me meet a Jewish guy, but I had no idea that I would meet my best friend and the man that I would spend my life with.

I was on JDate for only a few months, when I contacted someone with the screen name “NJGuy” with a simple Flirt that said, “There is an opening in the sweetheart department, please send resume.” I had noticed his pictures and liked what he had to say about himself and what he was looking for. He was not a designated match for me from JDate, but I used to occasionally mess around with the settings and this time found NJGuy from expanding the mileage distance from my home address.

I remember his profile revealed that his friends thought he is “just as street smart, as he is book smart.” What I didn’t know then, was that he was a day or two away from ending his subscription after months of trying to connect with someone. Timing is everything because he immediately responded to my Flirt.

His reply to my Flirt: “Kinda cheesy, but not that bad. What’s your name?”

NJGuy (whose real name is Itai) and I emailed back and forth, before I volunteered my phone number and suggested that he give me a call if he wanted. He called, and we talked off and on for a handful of weeks before finally getting together for our first date on April 8, 2007.

I was so excited, but also really nervous on our first date. I had enjoyed receiving Itai’s emails and his phone calls and I just wanted to make sure that we had chemistry and a mutual attraction when we met. The connection was more than mutual!

In early December 2008, Itai asked me to be his wife and I of course said “YES!” We went to Israel in the middle of December and just recently returned. We are starting our wedding plans now and look forward to getting married in the fall of 2009.

I am truly grateful that JDate brought Itai into my life. He is more than I could have ever hoped for!

Thank you JDate!

Haleh & Itai
Los Angeles, California

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