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cont-mt-hannah-davidHannah: We first emailed and spoke about three years ago on JDate. I saw a profile that took my breath away and wrote to David (screen name DOV) telling him how sincere and straightforward I felt his profile was, although I didn’t care for the goatee which was hiding his adorably glowing face. In his profile, he mentioned that he was divorced and had custody of two little girls. I never had children and wished to meet a man with children. We were both originally from Brooklyn, NY. David responded to me (screen name QUEENUFPASSION) saying that he thought that my photos were beautiful and that my words fulfilled exactly what he was looking for in his life. He emailed his phone number to me, and we began talking daily for a couple of weeks.

David: We felt very comfortable with one another. I attempted to set up several scenarios where we could meet. I felt that her desire to meet me had diminished. I called and emailed Hannah many times without getting a reply. She kept appearing on my JDate searches with different screen names while my efforts to track her down continued. She “dumped” me. I said to myself, “One day I’ll get her back. Revenge will be mine.”

Hannah: This past November I responded to David’s profile without recognizing his profile from years ago as he was now clean-shaven. He immediately replied letting me know that we had started something several years ago and that I “blew him off.” I felt guilty, so I asked him for his phone number and called as soon as I received it. I explained that it didn’t sound like me not returning a phone call or email; perhaps I was protecting myself as I was seeking a serious marriage-minded man and felt our timing was off as he had not been divorced for too long and needed time to heal. We started to have intense telephone conversations that went on for hours every day on any subject we could think of. It seemed that he was the male version of myself — so alike in our outlook on life and love. David planned our first meeting to be at a hotel for dinner and dancing, but as that day was approaching, we could wait no longer and made plans to meet sooner.

David: It was during Chanukah that I met Hannah over latkes and photos. We kissed in my parking lot, and I just knew that G-d was telling me this was my beshert. An invitation to my daughter’s birthday party shortly after was where she met my parents, and later that evening, we had dinner at my aunt’s home where relatives eyed their approval for me to court her. I knew when we started speaking in November that I would marry her. We got engaged while her parents were visiting from NJ in January; barely four weeks after we met. I was getting my sweet revenge for being “dumped.”

Hannah: We were married on March 30, 2003 in a small ceremony at synagogue Chabad Lubavitch in Boynton Beach, Florida. Neither of us are overly religious, though we know that our Jewish values are important to us and our new family unit. David had formed a bond with the Rabbi when his children were introduced to their Sunday school. We were the first couple to be married there, and our children were the first in the graduating school class.

David and I would like to encourage Jewish singles to think with a positive attitude, never give up and keep networking. There is more than one beshert for each of you; keep an open mind, know your priorities and be flexible with what you can.

Hannah & David
Boca Raton and Lake Worth, Florida

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