If you’re dating a single dad this Father’s Day then what can you do to make sure he feels special, solidify your role in his life and in the lives of his child/ren? Try to sneak some special time with his kid/s to plan something special. Ask them what they want to do to make Dad feel like the amazing father he is. Breakfast in bed? Ask their input for a menu and tell Dad to try and sleep in while you guys make a mess in the kitchen. Homemade cards? Try to find time to print pictures on glossy paper that says Happy Father’s Day 2013 and have them color the inside. A gift? Even though you’re not the step-Mom (yet) buy a small gift “from the kid/s” which will be meaningful to him (not socks, underwear, a universal remote control or a car wash). And under no circumstances should you take any credit or try to take the spotlight. He will know and appreciate the effort you put forth, so let the kid/s revel in the glory of their day with Dad.

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