So, there comes a point when you look at your phone contacts and the address book no longer holds names, it holds the establishments of just where in the world exactly it is that you’ve met this Prince Charming of the moment. That girls, is when you delete like half of your little black book concealed cleverly on your blackberry and opt to start fresh, say, with a night out on Sunset with your faves. This excursion is always nothing short of entertaining, and considering the characters one is likely to encounter on the strip, it’s always a trick, and a treat. So after hiking from one end to the other, which is nothing short of miraculous in heels, might I add, four fabulous girls find themselves at Saddle Ranch. I apparently did not get the memo that since I had last been they’ve revamped the classy establishment into frat pack headquarters. So since these dudes are a dime a dozen, it’s safe to say anything goes. Anything includes this darling opening line I came up with: “So, you look like my ex’s little brother – do you have a brother?” Surprisingly, or considering where I was – perhaps not so – this charming little conversation sparker ignited an entire conversation of witty banter I couldn’t see coming if it was graffiti’d in front of my face. So, aside from the predictable exchange of info on the blackberry, it was nothing short of an entertaining night. Plus, a girl always needs to find new recruits before it’s been so long she needs to Wikipedia her way through a kiss, starting with GPS instructions to his lips. Happy hunting.