Dear Gems from Jen,
I could use some advice on how to initiate conversation with a guy online or how to answer a guy who contacts me with a Flirt.
I always think that guys send a whole bunch of emails out at a time to many women because they almost never follow through when I respond to their Flirts.  What’s this all about anyway?  I’m getting too old to play these games….
Dear M,
To initiate a conversation or respond to a Flirt, send a short note stating what caught your eye and some of the qualities you possess.  Let the person know you are interested in finding out more and that you look forward to their response. Make it brief, but positive. Give it a little bit of time and if the person does not respond go to the next profile that seems interesting.
I realize how frustrating not getting a response can be. I believe it is common courtesy to respond, even with a ‘no thank you, I’m not interested,’ rather than ignoring someone. However, not everyone understands that this behavior can be considered rude or some may have not learned about Internet etiquette.
Instead of only responding to Flirts send your own to men that you are sincerely interested in getting to know. Put the ball in your court and take your dating life into your own hands. This way, if a man does not respond, you will know right from the beginning that he is not worth your time. Don’t send anything else and move onto the next profile. Remember, this is about meeting someone who is a quality person and good manners are an important quality. Without good manners you can almost always be certain that the person is really not worth your time.  You sound like a straight shooter so don’t use your energy trying to understand this type of behavior.  Use your time and energy to meet quality, courtesy minded people, like yourself.
Gems from Jen