After having been on and off JDate for several years, I took a break from the site. However, in July of 2009, a friend at work said I was never going to find a guy by moaning about it, and that I needed to do something about it… that evening I rejigged my profile and returned to JDate.

Over the next few days, I found that I kept talking to one man: Dan. He was very funny, cute and seemed to be a true gentleman. Plus, to make my grandmother happy, he was a Doctor too… could he be any more perfect?! With any perfect man, however, there is always a negative: Dan didn’t live in London, but was planning to move there for work in the New Year. Due to my previous experiences, I doubted it would last that long though.

We arranged to meet up in August of 2009, as Dan had some annual leave and was planning on spending some time with his parents in London. We went to a really nice restaurant, which was between where I was living and where his parents were. The meal was great, but the company was better. I had such a wonderful night and hoped I would see him again!

Over the next few weeks he came up to London to meet me on weekends. In early September, it was my turn to go down to his place. On the first night, we went for a nice meal at a beautiful beachfront restaurant; halfway through the main course, however, I passed out! I had never fainted before, so clearly he took my breath away! Passing out in front of my date, and the entire restaurant, was not one of the proudest moments of my life. Strangely enough, with Dan being a doctor, he wasn’t horrified and we then started officially going out.

Dan moved to London in March of 2010, and we were still going out. Dan’s flat was around the corner from London Zoo, so we would often go walking around there. If we didn’t have anything else to do, you could guarantee we would be there. We could spend hours watching the animals, especially the penguins and giraffes as they are our favorite animals.

In March of 2011 I moved into the flat as well.

In March of 2012, we went away for a weekend to Rome to celebrate living together for a year.  We were having a lovely time walking around the city. The first day we went to some of the famous sites, the Coliseum, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and other spectacular sites. The second day we went for a walk, but he wouldn’t tell me where we were going. We ended up at Rome Zoo, where he proposed to me in front of the giraffes! I said yes straight away!

We got married in September of 2012, three years from when I passed out in the packed restaurant.  Dan has made me a lucky lady and I am so pleased my friend at work persuaded me to rejoin JDate.  Thank you JDate and thank you Mike M!

Hazel and Dan
London, England

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