Whether you want to believe it or not, guys can be mean and may occasionally do things that make you say “Huh?!” One example is when he simply stops communicating out of the blue. You’ve had some great dates, things are moving in a great direction (or so you think) and then BAM. He stops responding, and doesn’t reach out ever again. Now what?

Why Would He Do Such A Thing?

While I can’t tell you why he stopped responding or reaching out, I can tell you that you can’t continue to reach out to him in the hopes that he’ll respond and things will go back to normal. That won’t happen. In fact, it’ll turn him off big time. He might have stopped communicating because of something that happened in his life (granted, he should’ve had the decency to explain that) or he maybe just decided he’s no longer into you. Or, he’s just an unstable guy that can’t handle commitment. Whatever the reason, he should have communicated this to you. However, he didn’t. And you can’t control what he did or didn’t do. You can only control how you react and respond to his actions (or lack thereof).

Accept It

I know it can be hard when he just stops talking to you for no apparent reason, but sadly, you have just got to accept it and look at it as a break up. Even if you were just dating for a short period of time, or maybe not even officially dating, think of it as the end of the relationship so it gives you some closure. He might not give you the explanation you want and deserve, but you really have to give yourself that closure and move on.

While you might want to scream and yell at him or just call him one more time to see if he’ll answer, don’t do it. You’ll make yourself look a bit silly and, like I said, it’ll push him away further. And, in reality, do you really want to be with someone who just stops talking to you all of a sudden with no explanation as to why? I didn’t think so. You deserve more than that, my friend.

The Run-In

Now, let’s say you bump into him one night or on the street or at a bar. You might want to immediately stop him in his tracks and ask what the hell happened, but not so fast. Take a deep breath, and let him lead the conversation. He’s the one that owes you the apology and explanation. You didn’t do anything wrong here.

It takes some serious self-control to not reach out to a guy who ghosted you and say “WTF?!” Just keep reminding yourself that you don’t want to be with someone who stops speaking to you for no reason and without any explanation. You don’t need that type of person in your life. Keep telling yourself that and soon enough, you’ll be over this guy – guaranteed.

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