Every now and then I like to throw an occasional health tip into my online dating advice.  Why?  Because our health has a direct affect on our energy levels, self esteem, and overall mood.  A healthy lifestyle will indirectly make us more appealing to our dates.

Today’s health tip is extremely simple.  Drink a gallon of water a day.

Before you write this off as nothing more than an extra ten trips to the bathroom, hear me out.

Drinking a lot of water has a ton of health benefits.  For starters, many studies show that drinking a lot of water can almost double your metabolism.  This means you are burning calories at almost twice the rate.

In addition, drinking this much water gets rid of salt deposits that are stored in your body and result in excess fats.  You are essentially flushing all of the bad stuff out of your body by drinking a lot of water every day.

Finally, drinking a gallon of water a day and staying hydrated will lead to increased energy levels.  Think of all the extra energy you will have to take out your dates and be the man you are deep down inside, instead of appearing to be that tired, sluggish working man that life sometimes wears us down into.

So drink up!  The benefits are outstanding.

  1. A gallon of water a day? That seems a bit excessive. My job requires me to be in court for hours at a time w/o bathroom breaks and this advice would cause me some serious problems.

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