Make sure you remember your JDate’s name when you’re out on a date. That may sound weird, but most people are going on multiple dates, shmoozing with multiple JDaters online, playing phone tag with others, exchanging emails with even more JDaters. So it’s not such a big stretch to possibly forget your JDate’s name. And if you are meeting at a Jewish event, there is definitely way too much opportunity to forget someone’s name. I haven’t even mentioned alcohol, which doesn’t help the situation. So when you meet someone and when you’re on the way to a date, say your name’s date a number of times in your head. Then use it in a natural way when you’re addressing your date or new prospect. Don’t make it obvious by saying the name with every sentence because that’s just obnoxious, but enough times to remind yourself who you’re sitting across from so you don’t draw a blank at the most inopportune time.

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