Hello!  My name’s Adam, and I’m a recent college graduate.  I grew up in North Carolina and went to college in Georgia. After miraculously finding a paid internship in the entertainment biz, I moved to the great city of Los Angeles to start a career and a brand new life.  I’ve been out here for 8 months now, and while my job is exciting and fulfilling, I often drive home at night and feel like something is missing; an exciting and fulfilling relationship.

Going to bars in this city simply to try and pick up women usually ends with me spending too much on booze and going home alone.  That’s not to say I never have a good time going out.  I simply lack that extra confidence needed to approach women and strike up a conversation, even though I know that this is often all it takes.  But time and time again, I find myself searching for something, anything to say to this beautiful woman as she walks past me, and thinking damn, now she’s talking to some tall guy with a nicer button-down shirt and gelled-out hair, simply because he had the confidence to say “Hey.”

This is why JDate is such a savior for guys like me.  Not only do I know that most of these women have had a similar upbringing, but I actually have time to formulate my thoughts, be witty and get a general idea of what they are all about before I actually talk to them in person.  There has always been a stigma about online dating, but I feel that in the past 3 years there has been a cultural revelation of sorts.  A large percentage of our generation’s communication occurs online and via text message.  Online dating is facing a revolution of its own, and it’s up to the users to shape its future.