Without fail, every week I receive over 10 emails from good-looking, significantly younger, charming guys between the ages of 24-28 asking me out.  Flattered, Yes.  But, honestly what do I do with these overtures? … So, inevitably, the emails get deleted in the trash bin versus me engaging in a conversation where I end up discussing the plausibility of the The Graduate. Would someone 24 years of age even know of that movie?
Although I don’t necessarily believe that age has a direct correlation with maturity, it does hopefully give you life experiences which ultimately help prepare you to be a better partner.  Of course, there are exceptions– yes Demi and Ashton, and I’m sure you know of some non-Hollywood ones, too.  But in general, the fact of the matter, is that in your twenties and thirties, where one’s life generally changes shape most dramatically, the timing and goals of a recent college graduate and a professional well into her (or his) career are generally not in alignment.  A few years age difference is not what I am talking about here.
I understand the attraction of the woman in her mid-thirties to Mr. Young Six-Pack– intrigue, mystery, sexual experience, confidence… And trust me, we are flattered when we receive your compliments, but not sure we are looking to make the Sequel.