I met a great guy.  We seemed to click on all levels.  Our date was planned for 7:00.  I had my getting ready routine planned down to the minute.  Get home from work, shower, hair, make-up, cute new outfit, the works.  At exactly 6:22, I was ready to go.  I knew it would take me approximately 15 minutes to drive to the meeting place.  I didn’t want to be early, but I had to account for LA traffic, ugh! I left, anticipation and excitement was in the air.  This was going to be great, I just knew it, or so I thought. After waiting for my date and sitting alone at a restaurant for 45 minutes on a Saturday night I was furious! No phone call or text.  He finally arrived and he was gorgeous to look at. He apologized and explained the traffic was horrific.  I forgave him, had a great night and we planned to meet during the week.

Again, I planned my time to the minute.  I arrived at the pre-arranged meeting place a few minutes early and you guessed it, I waited almost an hour this time.  When he finally appeared he had one excuse after the other.  I finally told him to stop with the explanations and just be honest. He finally admitted this was his downfall in life, he is always late! That was the last I saw of him.  If there is one pet peeve of mine it is tardiness. There is a lot I can forgive, but not this. I understand things happen, but being chronically late raises a red flag. For those of us still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, it is important to know what it is we are willing to look the other way on and what it is we are not willing to let go of. I know for me all it would do is cause frustration and, eventually, resentment. I’m hoping my next date is chronically on time – that would be great!