1. Celebs Meet The Press

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, AKA The Nerd Prom, gave several Hollywood stars the chance to meet with the press on a whole new level Saturday night in Washington. Held each year to honor a select group of chosen journalists, the event is always a star-studded party!

Which famous Jews were there? Steven Spielberg, Rashida Jones, Elizabeth Banks, Goldie Hawn and Judd Apatow to name a few. Elizabeth Banks, who converted to Judaism, tweeted a picture of herself with a few other stars that night and called it, “Three Lobbyists for Love – hammering out legislation at the WH Correspondents Dinner.”


2. Babs Is Now A Septuagenarian

Barbra Streisand celebrated her 70th birthday in Malibu last Tuesday evening. People reports the Jewish actress and singer enjoyed a birthday party with close friends, which included a performance by her favorite singer, Johnny Mathis.

Around 80 guests showed up to celebrate Streisand, including John Travolta, Warren Beatty, her stepson Josh Brolin and wife Diane Lane. Streisand is acting like a true septuagenarian now that she has hit 70 and hasn’t updated her Twitter status in more than a month. Don’t worry Babs, our Bubbie isn’t even on Twitter!


3. Back In Black

Jack Black’s new movie, Bernie, is off to a fast start. According to Indiewire, the movie took in more than $90,000 from just three screens in Los Angeles, New York and Austin, Texas over the weekend.

Black, who is Jewish, plays a mortician named Bernie in a small Texas town in the new movie. Based on a true story, Bernie strikes up a friendship with a wealthy widow, kills her and then goes to great lengths to create the illusion that she’s alive. Yikes, talk about a whole new take on Weekend At Bernie’s!

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