1. Jon Stewart Should Have Won an Emmy for Rowdiest Celebrity

When Jon Stewart’s name was called as winner in the variety category, Stewart was teasingly tackled by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. The two comedians who were up against Stewart in the category were teasingly keeping The Daily Show host from getting to the stage.

When the Jewish TV show host finally made his acceptance speech for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s 10th consecutive win, he was out of breath. “Oh, I am not in the kind of shape to do a bit with Jimmy Fallon, who is in very good shape. Son of a b****!”

He then went on to drop the F-bomb after complimenting the other comedians who were up for the award by saying, “Stephen Colbert — their show, what they did with Super PACs this year was ridiculous, ridonkulous. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, I spend way too much time on the Internet watching their shows. Real Time with Bill Maher is constantly writing lines I wish I’d written. Without Lorne Michaels and SNL, I don’t think any of us would be doing this. We make topical comedy which has the shelf life of egg salad, so to do this for 15 years and have tangible proof that what we do isn’t just ephemeral is wonderful. Years from now, when the earth is just a burning husk and aliens visit, we’ll find a box of these and they will know just how predictable these f***ing shows were.”


2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Thanks the Producers of Parks and Recreation for her Emmy Win?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the Emmy for lead actress in a comedy series for her role as frazzled Vice President Selina Meyer in HBO’s Veep. Louis-Dreyfus, who won the category in 2006 for The New Adventures of Old Christine, made a teeny mistake though during her acceptance speech. The Jewish actress “accidentally” switched thank-you speeches with fellow Outstanding Actress in a Comedy nominee, Amy Poehler, and began to read that speech!

When the two restored order by swapping notes, the Parks and Recreation star still had the last laugh. After thanking the usual suspects, Louis-Dreyfus read off her notes, “Isn’t it a shame that Amy Poehler didn’t win?” Producers panned to a shot of Poehler sitting in her chair with a pencil in hand! Sneaky, but funny!


 3. Kat Dennings Wins for the Best One-Liner of the Night

People.com put together a list of the evening’s best one-liners and who topped the list? One of our favorite Jewish actresses talking about trying to cover her top section!

“No matter what I do, they’re there. I looked in the mirror and I was like, ‘Oh God.’ But what am I going to do? They’re always there.” Kat Dennings, who stars in ABC’s hit show 2 Broke Girls, said she had trouble finding a dress that could handle her ample bosom. She eventually gave up and went with a cleavage-baring, but very sexy red dress. It appears as though it all worked out though; we didn’t see any crazy wardrobe malfunctions from Dennings!

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