1. Arresting Behavior!

Former ER star Noah Wyle was arrested Monday while protesting on Capitol Hill in Washington. Wyle, whose father was Jewish, was protesting with a group called ADAPT to urge Congress not to cut Medicaid spending. The protesters, many in wheelchairs, were handcuffed in the rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building.

The New York Daily News reports that Wyle and members of ADAPT say any cuts in Medicaid spending would force people with disabilities and the elderly out of their homes and into nursing homes to get the services they need.


2. Girls Will Be Girls

The new HBO show, Girls, is getting good reviews from some famous fans. The series was created by Lena Dunham, a 25-year-old Jewish filmmaker and actress who also stars in the show which follows the lives of a small group of friends in their 20s trying to chart their lives in New York City.

So which famous fans are giving this new show props? Jonah Hill for one. He Tweeted on Sunday, “#Girls was out of control good tonight. Much respect @lenadunham.” Writer Bret Easton Ellis also showed some love to the show with a simple Tweet that said, “‘Girls’ is really good.”


3. Quick On The Draw

Shia LeBeouf is working on a new character, but not one that you will see on the screen. The 25-year-old Jewish actor has drawn and written not just one, but several graphic novels with titles like Stale N Mate and Cyclical, all sold through his self-publishing website.

This new artistic pursuit looks to be more than just a hobby. A Rolling Stone critic says, “LaBeouf’s no dilettante; he knows what he’s doing.” So, is the Transformers star a better actor or author? To be safe, we’ll call it a draw!

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