Home Alone Holiday Survival Guide

With Thanksgiving and Chanukah quickly approaching, many individuals, like suddenly single Sophie, confess to feeling outright panic. “I was supposed to spend the holidays with my family but due to salary cuts, I have had to put all my travel plans on hold” was how she put it when we tried to delve further.

One of the reasons that Sophie and other singles feel so stressed at this time of year is because the expectations are so incredibly high. It‘s hard not to feel overwhelmed but with the right frame of mind, time, and a plan of action, the time spent alone can be equally delicious.

So SingleEdition.com has assembled a list of favorite things to do to help brighten up your spirits this season:

1. Have Them Come to You: Several years ago, Heather invited her 10-year-old nephew to stay with her over the Thanksgiving weekend to give her newly divorced brother a breather. Not only was Heather in the company of family, she got to see the city through the wondrous eyes of child. So, whether it is hosting the children of relatives even for a day or babysitting for a friend, offer up your services. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

2. Attend an Event: Check out what’s happening in and around your city. Oftentimes parks hold midnight runs that are chock full of fitness-minded individuals. Today, some of the nation’s most prestigious culinary schools and wineries have begun hosting festive cooking classes and dinner parties that run through the holidays. You may want to also visit www.festivalsandevents.com for a complete listing of festive happenings in your area.

3. Invade a Space: Looking for a getaway but don’t have a dime to dish out? Check in with friends and family in neighboring towns whose homes may be vacant for the holidays. For the past two years in a row, Evan who lives in Boston and his best friend in New York have traded spaces for Thanksgiving. It’s practically free and a great way to escape for a couple of days.

4. Find a Fix Prixe: If a gourmet feast is what you fancy there is no need to fret. There are plenty of restaurants that offer prix fixe menus for the holiday crowds. Whether you dare to do it solo or in a group, you will most likely wind up in good company while enjoying the best from top chefs in your city.

5. Try to Unite Virtually: You may have heard of online conferencing and collaboration tools like WebEx and GoToMeeting, but they are not only for professional meetings. If you haven’t considered them, these same programs allow you to share photos, slides and presentations with multiple people, all from your desktop.  It’s a great (and cheap) way for scattered friends and family who cannot be in one place for the holidays to connect and catch up.

6. Practice Salutations in the Sun: Who needs stuffing when you can spend the time getting toned and tanned with other holiday nomads in the sun and crystal blue waters of one of the most exotic parts of South America. That’s right folks; Escape to Shape is traveling to Cartagena, Colombia from November 22-28. We’re thrilled they have partnered up with SingleEdition.com to offer our members an exclusive 25% discount on this Thanksgiving week retreat. All you have to do is mention Single Edition upon registration – just remember discounts are all subject to availability!

7. Find a Pet to Foster: You may not realize it, but due to the financial downturn an increasing number of dogs have been abandoned or relegated to shelters. As a result, shelters across America are seeking foster homes to assist with the rescue mission. It’s not a full-time commitment, just a chance to do some good for an animal in need, which may be something to consider now that the holidays and cold weather are upon us. To find an animal in need or local shelter, check out The Pet Foster Network.

8. Plan a Do-It-Yourself Dinner Party: If you want to host an intimate get together don’t let tight quarters, small budgets or your less-than-fine-china dishware hold you back. Instead, consider hosting a tasting party. This quick, casual-chic and affordable alternative to the elaborate sit-down dinner, is becoming increasingly popular for transients who cannot make it back home for the big feast.

9. Do an All-Out Detox: Been meaning to try the “Master Cleanser Diet” or a three-day Bikram Yoga Intensive? Holidays are the perfect time to get pure, pretty or powered up. Not only are fitness centers practically hollow, most spas run promotions so that stay-at-home types can indulge.

  1. UGH! For real?! As a widow for less than a year there is not one tip that appeals to me. my entire family came for Thanksgiving – it nearly killed me and it broke the bank. Now I face not only Chanukah completely alone but also New Year’s Eve. That is true whether I am in my home or anywhere else and if I don’t have the money to go to family how am I supposed to go on a vacation? Did the author re-read what they wrote here?
    A fixe pre alone – – how does going to a fixe pre make ALONE any better? No don’t think this was helpful in anyway; I hope it is for other types of singles but as a widow nope not a helpful hint in the list.

  2. how do i get more information on the trip to cartegena..thank you

  3. Hopelessly out out touch with loneliness. Hannuka without my kids, they are all with my ex this year. No ones hand to hold or kiss on New Year’s Eve. I’m thinking of going to the local Senior care facility. Something is better than nothing.

  4. I’m happy to be a ware of the possibities. I enjoy being around others but hate going solo. Help me I’m loanly.What is the reason Must have it.That works! Adopt me.

  5. I am very loanly.i was merried for 40 years i can not go alone
    many whatchig my photos but no one write me I do not know shoud i write firts ot not and my english not so good but i am working very hurd
    thank you

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