Yoga.  There I was for the first time sweating (understatement) in 115 degrees.  Thinking, why the heck do people do this Bikram Yoga?  My mind was running and my body was about too as well.  After 60 minutes my clothes were drenched and I had run out of water.  With 30 minutes left, I was about to sneak out the door. I figured I made a good showing at my first class.  But the teacher coaxed me into staying – even running to get me more water – so “I would keep with it.”  As it comes to dating, maybe we should all have the same teacher.  Someone who coaxes us to stay longer, try harder, not run so easily.  Yes, after a while it does no good for anyone to stay any longer than necessary in the wrong scenario,  BUT just maybe, we should all stay a little longer and sweat it out.