Does your love life seem like a screwball comedy a la Steve Carell and Tina Fey? Consider this: when planning out a date no one likes a procrastinator who makes wishy-washy efforts during the getting-to-know–you stages.

If you want to put the right plan in motion, you must think “location, location, location.” The following key will help you pick the right spot based on the mood you want to set and the audience you hope to impress.

Library, museum or piano bar

Pro: Ideal if you want her to think you are cultured, sophisticated and ready to engage in an intimate conversation.

Con: Dark can be dangerous if you’ve never seen her before and you may have to cut the conversation short when you see how costly the drinks are.

Hotel bar or rooftop terrace

Pro: There is always one that is centrally located, and they set the mood for two strangers meeting in the night, particularly when it’s warm weather.

Con: Beware, these tourist traps tend to be crowded, rain or shine, and you may lose your patience waiting in long lines to get in or order a cocktail.

Pool, ping pong or board game bars

Pro: Great for scoping out her sportsmanship skills and other strengths.

Con: May reveal your sportsmanship skills and other weaknesses, especially if you lose at Scrabble®.


Pro: The first meal together can be magical if the place and person is right.

Con: Dinner for two can be dreadful to bear if you realize early on that you are not enjoying yourself, and in this situation you have no escape.

Coffee shop

Pro: These budget-friendly meeting places are ideal for speed daters who want quick-fix ups minus the minimal commitment.

Con: Women are leery of hurry daters, and with little ambience and no cocktails on the menu the date can turn into a drip.

Pub or tavern

Pro: Low key and casual, these dives will help you figure out if your date is as down to earth as you want her to be.

Con: It’s easy to get loaded on liquor, just remember everyone looks better with beer goggles on.

Breakfast date

Pro: The best thing about these morning quickies is that you are fresh, alert and there is little prep and maintenance involved.

Con: Women prefer a little foreplay which may be hard to achieve if the initial meeting is during pre-work rush hour.

Lunch date

Pro: For busy professionals who want to play it safe, this is a no nonsense way to test out a first date and just right for a mid-day break.

Con: Deadlines and last minute meetings always pop up which can turn lunch dates into a scheduling nightmare that is often too stressful.

Night at the movies

Pro: A film is a wise choice if you have little to say to the woman you wish to woo.

Con: If your date has half a brain she will bail before you buy the tickets. The point is to get to know someone.

Tickets to an event

Pro: It’s easy to win over her heart, especially if the show, concert or sporting event is a hard-to-get fan favorite.

Con: Those high priced tickets may go to waste on a woman who does not appreciate the same entertainment as you. is a lifestyle destination where singles get advice, discounts and connect with other singles, and share their inspiring personal success stories. To read more articles about the single lifestyle, click here!

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