A true explanation of how astrology can deepen your relationships.

Last night I met a friend for tea and she gave me the best compliment regarding the astrology chart reading I gave her… but in a very indirect way. Let me explain. Six months ago she came to me for a chart reading and when we finished I knew she was not sure about a lot of the information we just went over.

Then, last night, my friend candidly admitted (although I already knew) that she didn’t believe a lot of what I was telling her during that initial reading. However, she is now currently in a relationship, that I told her was coming, and the chart reading helped her save that relationship.

Her usual relationship patterns include ending the romance if things are not as extravagant as she would like. However, I explained to her during her reading that this new relationship was going to have a slower start than what she was used to because there are some real lessons of maturity that her soul needs to undergo. This is a true soul mate experience in action! What a gift!

Reviewing her notes from the reading has stopped her from prematurely ending the relationship many times due to old behavioral patterns. She was not ready to “hear” all the information that I told her at the time of the reading, but when she was about to resort back to her old patterns, she stopped herself and applied her new belief systems to her current situation – and has seen a huge shift in her life.

If you would like to change your behavioral patterns when it comes to dating and love, here are four ways learning more about astrology can deepen your relationships!

1.       Your Energetic Blueprint:

Each and every person on this planet is born under unique energy and this energy is the energetic blueprint of your soul. YOUR astrological birth chart is as unique as a snowflake! Among the many things a birth chart reveals, one of the most important is your purpose in this lifetime – why your soul chose to incarnate and what lessons and experiences you are here to learn.

2.       Your ‘I am’ Factor:

Your sun sign (you know, the 12 zodiac signs most commonly seen in the newspaper or a magazine column) is an important factor in your overall life journey; however, it is just one part of the whole story. The ‘house placement’ of your sun sign in your birth chart is a huge part of how you need to express yourself: your creativity (and we are all creative beings in different ways) in this lifetime. Your sun sign alone tells what energy you are here to learn and grow into throughout your lifetime. This is your life force, your “I am” factor, and when you can understand it in relation to the rest of your needs and desires then you can use this to be the best that you can be! There are far deeper meanings to each sign than what you simply read about in magazines.

3.       Your Love Life:

Yes, in your birth chart we can get straight to the point about what type of partner your soul really needs… not the type of partners you think you need (big difference)! How do you attract relationships? Let’s look at your Venus sign and placement. And what are your deepest security needs in a relationship in order to feel loved and fulfilled. It can be confusing for many of us as we think we know, but then time and time again we attract the same “type” of partners that are not the healthiest for us. Let’s find out what type of relationship is going to make you the happiest and most fulfilled!

4.      Old Habits Die Hard:  

Ever get the feeling that you’re banging your head against the wall? Something needs to change, but you just don’t know what it is? Yes, all of us will go through this many times in our lives. In your birth chart, we can uncover your old habit patterns that your soul has maxed out in this lifetime. We’ll explore old ways of being that just no longer work for your new direction in life. Once we bring these to light and then explain the new path for your soul, you can begin to make adjustments in your behaviors and habits in life. This is your old karma that you’re shedding, and the goal is to get you onto the path of your dharma – your purpose/destiny/Beshert in this lifetime!

Danielle Paige is a writer, astrologer, and healer who is passionate about helping people understand the energies they were born under and using them to live the life they’ve dreamed of. This column is meant for entertainment purposes and to give a general overview of each sign. For an in-depth, personalized reading on your own birth chart, which will help you gain insight into your love life, career, money, your strengths, soul’s purpose, and even your karmic past, you can contact Danielle at danielle@healingpaige.com.
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