How does a relationship get off the ground? Obviously meeting and feeling an attraction is the first step in this process. I believe in our society relationships are projected as fairy tales. For those of us who have been in a relationship, we know this is usually way off of the mark. Everyone loves that feeling of euphoria, but rarely does it last. If it did, our society would be walking on cloud nine and in my opinion the world would have a lot less problems.

However, I digress. Once the feeling of euphoria dissipates the true relationship comes into focus. This is where those littlie idiosyncrasies come into play. He leaves toothpaste on the counter and she jabbers on and on about nothing. Sometimes, even in my line of work, I’m amazed when a relationship endures.  The good news is they can endure and a lot of them actually do! The key is to create moments of euphoria and learning the art of compromise. Chose your battles and communicate honestly and frequently! Once couples get this down then the true relationship begins.