Attract Mr. Right

Ladies, I know you want to attract Mr. Tall, Dark, and Menschy. The hot, or even just cute, guy with a heart of gold and who can make you laugh. How can you find this elusive creature? Here is a five-step plan that will get you under the chuppah — or at least in a happy relationship where you have someone to text/complain to when work sucks.

  1. Be Friendly

You can’t meet Mr. Mensch if you’re sitting home posting pictures of the muffins you just baked on Instagram. You have to get yourself out there. Start saying hello to more people at work, at school, at yoga, at Whole Foods, whatever. Eventually the invitations to hang out, go to parties, meet up at concerts, or whatever else will start rolling in. And there you will meet the Mensch of your dreams.

  1. Be Confident

Stop focusing on the five pounds you want to lose or your hair being horrible. You know in your heart that nobody else sees those flaws like you do. Mr. Mensch does not want to spend his life building you up. He wants you to already know you’re pretty cool.

  1. Be Knowledgeable

You never know what Mr. Mensch and his friends and parents will like to talk about. Maybe it’s politics, current events, music, novels, WWII history. Continue to expand your horizons intellectually. This isn’t just for Mr. Mensch, it’s for you too (hopefully you’ll have realized by not that this caveat applies to everything on this list).

  1. Be Open-Minded

Instead of saying “no, I can’t,” or “I’m just not that kind of person,” why not try to say yes to more things? You only live once. Don’t constrict yourself in your tastes, your hobbies, your views. Mr. Mensch may be able to introduce you to SCUBA diving if you only get over your weird snorkel issue.

  1. Don’t Base Your Life Around Looking for Him

As you may have gleaned, this list is comprised of things that will enrich and enhance your life, no matter whether you’re single or in a relationship. Exploring who you are is the best way to be happy and fulfilled, and this will allow you to enjoy your life – no matter if you end up under the chuppah or volunteering in Africa. Or both!
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