We all saw the movie “Wedding Crashers,” but have you ever actually attempted to crash a wedding in real life? I have not, but I have wanted to!

Types of Wedding Crashing

There are two main scenarios when it comes to wedding crashing:

  1. When you know the bride and/or groom, and some of your friends were invited, but you were not.
  2. When you happen to be staying at a hotel of a wedding, but you have no clue who the bride and groom are.

This may be the biggest factor in whether or not crashing the wedding is a good idea. Read on to find out why.

When Is It Okay To Crash A Wedding?

The short answer is that it’s never really okay. However, let’s just say we’re going to do it because #YOLO! Now, I would highly advise against the first scenario mentioned above. Considering you have mutual friends with the bride or groom, this might end up being extremely awkward and uncomfortable not just for you, but also for others involved. So let’s just skip over that one, shall we?

Now, if you happen to be staying at a hotel where there is a wedding and you find yourself a few drinks deep, you might decide to mosey on into the ballroom to “check out the wedding band” for your upcoming wedding … which is not happening anytime soon considering you are single, but no one needs to know that, right? I say go for it, as long as you follow some basic wedding crashing dos and don’ts.

Top 5 Rules of Wedding Crashing

As mentioned above, there are some essential rules that go along with any wedding crashing adventure:

  1. NEVER crash the ceremony. That is an intimate time for family and friends, and it’s more obvious if you were to walk in mid-way through the vows. And, this should be obvious, but if it’s a seated dinner, wait until everyone is up and dancing before you walk in.
  2. Dress the part. Look, if you want to do this right, you have got to dress the part. If you walk into the room in jeans and a T-shirt, you’re going to stick out like a sore thumb. Maybe don’t get decked to the nines as if you were actually going to a wedding you were invited to, but do dress up.
  3. Mingle, but only a little bit. You don’t want to overcompensate, which will then make it more obvious that you don’t belong at the wedding. Just mingle, introduce yourself, walk around and be cool.
  4. Find out the names of the bride and groom. Look around for any signs or programs that might be out for the occasion. Knowing the happy couple’s names will ensure you don’t look like you just saw a ghost when someone asks “Oh, were you invited by Mark or Jess?” and you go “Who are Mark and Jess?” Remember, you have to fit in.
  5. Be confident. If you’re really going to pull this off, you better own it.

In all honesty, this post is only half-serious. I don’t want to tell you I’m all for wedding crashing, and then you go and do it, and I’m the one to blame. However, if you just happen to find yourself near a wedding, and you just so happen to get a chance to check it out, then by all means, have a blast. And report back with a good story, please!

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