Wedding season is in full swing! If your schedule is anything like mine, then your calendar is full of weddings. If you’re single and all your friends are settling down, getting married and popping out little bambinos while you continue to cruise JDate like it’s your job, don’t worry. Weddings are one of the best places to meet people … especially eligible singles. Everyone is happy and full of love and excitement, plus it’s actually fun to be single at a wedding.

You might be thinking, “Okay, Julie, I’ve been to plenty of weddings and I haven’t met my prince in shining armor yet. I think you’re wrong.” Well, don’t speak so soon. It turns out that just showing up isn’t enough; you’ll need to use these fives moves if you want to meet someone special.

1. Mingle At The Bar

As you make your way up to the bar to order yourself a drink, scout out the prospects. Once you see someone you’d like to talk to, head to his or her area of the bar (pro tip: check that they aren’t wearing a ring first). And when you’re waiting for the bartender to come get your order, smile and say hi to this person next to you. Don’t be shy or nervous, just be friendly and warm. What’s the worst that could happen? He/She says hi and walks away. Great, you’ll never have to see them again after the wedding. Be confident, be available and be open. This is supposed to be fun!

2. Chat Up The Singles Table

Sometimes single folks will be grouped with other single folks at one table, which is the best. If you’re in this position, consider yourself lucky because you have a whole table to chat up and get to know. This is not a time to be shy. Get to know everyone at your table, and if there’s someone you’re attracted to, then flirt a bit and ask them to dance. Because, again, why the heck not?!

3. Be Observant

Look around the room from time to time and if you see someone sitting alone, not dancing or just hanging out at the bar. If you spot someone, go up to them and ask them to dance or strike up a conversation. Just relax and play it casual; most likely, they’ll be happy to chat rather than sitting alone and feeling awkward.

4. Dance The Hora

During the Hora, grab hands in the circle with an attractive guy or gal. I mean, why not? Just go for it.

5. Keep An Open Mind

Ultimately, you need to be open-minded if you want to meet someone at a wedding. Talk to everyone and anyone. Don’t be shy. If you’re typically an introvert, grab a drink, loosen up and have a blast. Even if you’re not initially attracted to someone, don’t write them off just yet. You never know!

Bottom line: it’s a wedding, and it should be fun. Even if you don’t meet the person you’re going to marry, it’s okay. Put yourself out there, work the room and have a blast. Here’s to wedding season!
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