20 Signs To Help You Know If Your Guy Is Into You

I recently interviewed professional matchmaker Marni Galison regarding how to tell if a man is into you. I first encountered Marni when I read her spot-on Sunday at Noon piece, “The Phenomenon of the Manhattan Man Boy.” Galison has great insight into the world of dating and I thoroughly identified with her portrayal of how the typical “Manhattan Man Boy” dates. This is a land filled with Peter Pan-type men, where there are numerous options on every corner of the city and, because of such endless possibilities, everyone is indecisive as to whom they should settle down with.

In a city where it is so difficult to connect with someone and find an ultimate soul mate, how do you truly know if you have connected with “the one,” especially after only dating for a few months? Every couple reaches a certain plateau in their relationship, usually between 8 months and 1 year, when they begin to re-evaluate their compatibility. Just as I, too, found myself doing this, I connected with Marni and was amazed by her great insight into “how to tell if he’s into you.” These are valuable thoughts from a matchmaking pro – insight that is sure to cause controversy for couples if a significant other is doing less than half of what’s mentioned on the list below. Here’s how Marni explained it.

Kris: What is the main difference in the way men and women communicate?

Marni: Women tend to be great verbal communicators, whereas men tend to communicate through action. We are programmed to be this way through thousands of years of evolution. It’s all a result of how estrogen and testosterone affect our interactions with each other.

Therefore, we have different ways of communicating our feelings. Sometimes men will say things that they “need” to say (i.e. what they think women want to hear) to either get what they want or simply to keep the peace. This is not to say that all men are manipulative; it’s just that with regard to men and dating, the old aphorism “actions speak louder than words” is very applicable. With most men, you can’t tell if they’re serious about the relationship or a particular woman by what they are saying – rather, you need to look at their actions. I advise my female clients to not take what a man says seriously until they actually SEE it in action, as opposed to just hearing it.

So, here are some obvious things men do that demonstrate they are interested in something other than just a fling. In short, doing these things is indicative of the man thinking of the relationship as having long-term potential.

If a guy is interested in a woman long-term, he will:

  1. Introduce her to his friends.
  2. Introduce her to his mother. (That’s a big one!)
  3. Ask her to go away on either a weekend or extended trip.  (Guys are very protective of their time, so if they are willing to spend 24/7 with the woman they are seeing and spend money on her, that says a lot.)
  4. Invite her as a plus one to a friend’s or family member’s wedding.
  5. Invite her to spend a major holiday with his family.
  6. Cook dinner for her – especially if he doesn’t normally cook.
  7. Call her every day.
  8. Invite her to an office party. (He is showing his co-workers his private life, which can be very significant.)
  9. (If he’s a sport fan) Take her and not one of his buddies to a big sporting event. (There is no way a guy is going to waste a ticket on a girl that he doesn’t want to be serious with.)
  10. Buy the girl an expensive gift.

In addition, here are 10 more subtle cues that indicate the guy is thinking more long-term:

  1. Being very protective of her safety. (e.g. He checks in with her to make sure she got home okay.  Men want to protect and provide for a woman they care about.)
  2. Sharing photos and old stories of his youth with her – especially photos of when he was going through his “awkward stage.”
  3. Sharing his clothes with her – a favorite sweatshirt, for example – and being excited to see her in it!
  4. Inviting her to stay over, but not for physical intimacy – just to have her there. (For example, he is wiped out or knows it is that time of the month, but he still wants her to sleep over. This is particularly significant early on in a relationship.)
  5. Taking care of her when she is sick and/or letting her take care of him when he is sick.
  6. When given the choice between going out with his buddies on a Friday or Saturday night, choosing to spend the evening with her.
  7. Sharing things about his past with her, especially things that illustrate his vulnerability. (Men don’t like to look bad or be analyzed and definitely do not like to show weakness. When a man is showing his vulnerability, that is a huge indicator that he is starting to fall for a woman.)
  8. Sharing with her things he’s written. (Poems, journal entries, etc.)
  9. Doing something that the woman likes even though it’s not his thing. (A guy’s not going to do that if he’s not serious about her – especially if he is missing a sporting event for her, which is a big deal!)
  10. Talking to her about methods of birth control – not as a form of safe sex, but as an indication of only wanting to be with her. (i.e. To have an exclusive relationship.)

How many of these signs does your boyfriend exhibit? If he exhibits more then half of the list, you have a long-term keeper on your hands! If he exhibits less then half of the list, you may need to reconsider the long-term potential of the relationship. For more dating insights, tips and advice, check out Sunday at Noon or ask Marni at contact@sundayatnoon.com


About Marni:

Marni Galison is the Founder and CEO of Sunday at Noon, a matchmaking business specializing in personalized introductions and upscale events for New York single professionals. Marni graduated from Georgetown University in 1995 and received her law degree from Emory University Law School in 1998. Marni successfully practiced law in New York for almost ten years before starting her matchmaking business helping men and women take control of their love lives. Marni hopes that her clients, friends and all single New Yorkers will find the insights on the Sunday at Noon Blog enlightening and entertaining!

About the Author
Kristen Ruby is the President & Founder of Ruby Media Group, a Social Media Marketing, Public Relations & Personal Branding Agency. Follow Kris on Twitter @sparklingruby or via her blog.
  1. It’s awhile since i could tell a guy was really into, i don’t really know what to expect as signs anymore, basically i could say that, a guy i’m interested in and would potentially see something more, but requires to getting to know him first before all things get serious, he invited me to sleep over , not expecting any sexual activity, everytime we spoke he made eye contact, dispite if i was driving he would still look at me, even if i couldnt look at him, i met his mother the next day in the afternoon, he made me laugh, we had serious conversations about what our intentions were, he will text me, and already told me he that with him i would have to worry about my size( since im not a petite figure) that he doesnt care if i workout or not,he asked me to text him when i got home to make sure i got home safely, that he likes what he sees, i dont know what to expect as signs. Generally asking what signs should i expect???!???

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