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So you had a first date and you both seemed to like each other. Slowly, the relationship starts. How can you surpass those first weeks or months when you’re in the beginning of a relationship? What are the right attitudes to have from the start in order to build a solid basis for your relationship? As the founder of Love Intelligence, I’ve discovered two key elements needed to fall madly in love!

1. Reveal the Essence of Your Personality

My years of experience as a love coach have convinced me that people are most attractive when they understand the ways they are unique and are able to let it show. You can reveal the essence of your personality through what you divulge from your experiences, your behaviors, your key moments in life, and the things that motivate you. This is what makes you appealing and spices up your personality; what makes you “different” and reinforces your masculinity/femininity.

So, be aware of how your singularity makes you attractive. This is the only way to create emotion. Sometimes, a woman only wants to highlight certain traits of her personality that aren’t truly representative of who she really is. The result? You don’t connect with the other person in a meaningful way. And in the end, the other person doesn’t fall truly in love.

If you want to keep the relationship going, you must understand what it means “to unveil what makes you unique,” precisely so that you can reach that deep connection, by revealing parts of yourself that really make you different from other people.

2. Understanding Your Match is the Way to Their Heart

If your match feels you accept them the way they are, and what makes them unique and different from others, then there’s no doubt your relationship will grow stronger. Indeed, showing that you understand someone is the way to their heart.

Mystery is a key element in the beginning of a relationship, and it’s one of the aspects one should use to seduce the object of their affection. However, there is no mystery on the surface. In fact, a person’s most mysterious aspect will not reveal itself until this person finally opens up. The deeper and truer your conversations, the more the mysterious part of the other person will appear. This serves to further pique your interest in your partner – and vice versa. You must make them feel understood and accepted for who they really are.

Being mysterious enough to make someone fall madly in love is an art. One of the worst things you can try and do in a relationship is to try and change someone. Rather, you should concentrate your efforts on digging up what’s wonderful and attractive in that person. Creating intimacy is essential to making your relationship last – do this and you’re on the way to turning a new fling into a lasting relationship.

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Florence Escaravage was born in Paris and lives there today with her husband and 3 kids, after living in the United States along the way. She founded Love Intelligence® in 2007 after spending two years consulting with an expert committee of leading psychologists, effectively professionalizing the sector by being the first (and only) love coach to create and implement an internationally recognized certification.
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