Make a Summer Romance Last

Why is flirting easier in the summer? Quite simply – because the weather’s good, people are on holidays and we’re all much more relaxed. This is when we finally dive into feelings of serenity and pleasure. If a little harmless summertime flirting has landed you in a summer fling, and you’ve suddenly found yourself crazy-in-love with someone you initially thought would be a “simple summer romance,” then here’s how to turn your breezy fling into something that can endure.


The 4 essential keys to making your summertime love last

Love Intelligence has years of experience in helping singles find “the real thing.” 81% of our clients go on to find a serious, committed relationship within four months of using our method to finding love. So, in short, you’ve come to the right place for advice on turning your holiday romance into a real relationship.

First, a holiday romance is by definition a short-term love affair – intense, with nothing at stake! And this is what makes it so delicious! It’s a blast of oxygen, a secret pleasure! But, does it necessarily have to be a love without a tomorrow? Not necessarily – it all depends on how things go down afterwards and what you really want. Here are four tips to turn your summer romance into a long-term, committed relationship:


1.     Let Yourself Be Seduced

This is the big one – don’t succumb right away – or, if you have, don’t give it away! Let yourself be seduced. Isn’t it better that way, anyway? You don’t want your partner to consider you as having been “won.” Otherwise, you’re screwed – or very nearly! Showing your desire, but with a bit of reticence, will be very much appreciated by your match.


2.       Create Desire

Whatever you do, don’t suffocate the other person! Don’t forget your friends, family, hobbies and interests as soon as you meet someone special. Organize hangouts without him or her, to give each other some time to breathe. Desire is sustained by a bit of intelligent separation from the loved one. Be the person that they love – not the partner they leave, running out the door!


3.       Get to Really Know Each Other

Learn to know the other, and to become interested in who they really are – this is an essential element in establishing strong emotional links with your partner. Even if this relationship doesn’t end up being anything serious, you will have at least gained a friend. You need to act in a way where you can engage in a relationship that comes to mean something.


4.     Show Self-Confidence

It is very important to show that you know what you’re worth. Coming across as happy, relaxed and self confident sends out positive signals to other people. Know that a person’s attitude can be detected from very far, so get on top of it! For those of you who want to refine their ideas of the right person, I suggest you consult Step 4 of the Love Intelligence Method, which teaches you how to meet, recognize and interest the people who are really made for you.


Knowing how to create strong bonds and intimacy with your partner is vital. A connection is created when both partners are sharing things with each other and creating an atmosphere of trust. Plus, trust is at the foundation of any strong relationship. So this is very important.

To build an enduring relationship, you have to plan things together and imagine the future you could potentially share. However, some differences and distance can be fatal ingredients in a new relationship, so you need to think rationally about whether or not you it’s worth pursuing your summer romance.

Don’t forget – everything is possible! You need to play big to win big! Develop your seduction capital and transform your summer love into a serious relationship, but only if you want to. Remember – a summer love is, above all, about enjoying life and taking things lightly as they come. So try to enjoy yourself, no matter what happens!

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Florence Escaravage was born in Paris and lives there today with her husband and 3 kids, after living in the United States along the way. She founded Love Intelligence® in 2007 after spending two years consulting with an expert committee of leading psychologists, effectively professionalizing the sector by being the first (and only) love coach to create and implement an internationally recognized certification.
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