Hi GemsfromJen ~
I am a single Jewish man in my early 40’s, and I have a question for you.
How will I know when I have finally met the one person meant for me?
I have dated many women, been married once, continue to date, and I have met some very interesting and nice women, but there always seems to be something missing.
When will I know, I mean truly know that I have finally met the girl for me? Will skyrockets go off in my head like in the movies, will there be a joy I feel with her like I have never felt before, will it be in the way we kiss or make love, will it be an overwhelming feeling of devotion, or will it just be a click and I will know she is the one? And what if I feel she’s the one but she feels I am NOT the one?
Maybe for everyone it is a little different, but I was hoping you could maybe give me a little heads-up on what to look for.
Thank you Jen, I really appreciate the service you provide. Keep up the good work for us JDaters!

Dear Rod,
I have had this question presented to me more times than I can count. I have two very direct and to the point answers for you. You will know she is the one when you close your eyes and can imagine her sitting with you when you are both old and gray. You will know when you can’t envision any aspect of your life without her. The good, the bad and the ugly. It’s really that simple. 
For the second part of your question, if she feels you are not the one and you believe she is, you need to prepare yourself for the possibility that she is not the one. Relationships are  two way streets and both of you need to be traveling on the same highway, or the relationship will not be successful.
I hope this helps you in your search!
Gems from Jen