Like most people, I need to be in a positive frame of mind in order to go out on a first date. Furthermore, we are all aware of how important making a good first impression can be since a poor one can kill a potential relationship. Therefore, when you make plans to go on a first date with someone, it is important that you put yourself in a situation where you feel comfortable and can be yourself.

However, what do you do if other outside factors are dampening your mood, burning you out and generally making you feel crazy? Do you still try to push through it and go out on the first date? What are your alternatives? Well, for one, you could be honest with the other person about the way you are feeling, but to me that can be a very hit or miss proposition because the other person might see it as an excuse or brush off tactic since you have never met before.

So what is the best option in this situation – or is there really even a particular strategy that can be considered a good option under these circumstances?

My answer is probably not.

I have pushed it through and had first dates that didn’t go well since I wasn’t able to be myself and let my personality shine through due to my mood. However, I’ve also had experiences where getting out and meeting someone new improved the way I felt and the date went exceedingly well. In the end, like so many things in life, there’s really no way to know what is the right choice. Ultimately one needs to be made, and afterward you just have to hope for the best.