So many men seeking online dating advice come to me with the same story…

They go out on a first date…

Everything seems to go absolutely perfect.

They have fun, enjoy good conversation, there is heavy flirting, some casual kisses, and even planning for a second first date that takes place..

And then NOTHING.

The girl disappears, never to be seen again.

So what on earth happened?

1.  We may not be being honest with ourselves.  But if the date resulted in kisses (Pending they weren’t over the top sexual) and plans for a second date were made, odds are that it probably is not that and the date did actually go well.

2.  The female is just flaky, plain and simple.  One of the problems that is inherit with online dating is that it creates a strive to find absolute perfection.  Women just never ever stop getting new messages.  They may have even received 20 new messages since the time your date ended, to when your first phone call was made.  Some of these women just keep dating new people no matter how good their first date was because they are always looking for something better that may not be out there.

My advice, just go with the flow and don’t start building houses with white picket fences until you are sure you found one that is ready to commit!  It may just not always be your fault!