I Got a Nikon Camera; I Love to Take a Photograph

One of the best features on JDate is the ability to upload your photos as well as view photos of potential matches. Most people will sort through photos before reading somebody’s profile. When people don’t have photos on their profile, or have photos of themselves in group shots or the photo was taken from a distance, fewer potential matches will peruse their profiles. Knowing that, wouldn’t it make sense to update and upgrade your profile photos?

I can’t stress enough the importance of having several accurate and current photos on your profile. A simple search of current profiles reveals several with bad photos, or void of photos altogether. These people are not taking advantage of everything JDate has to offer. They are not having their profiles read and reviewed as often as they should, and are not meeting as many potential partners as they would if they posted outstanding photos.


Too many profiles feature photos that are so old they could have been taken in high school. Some profiles even have photos featuring ex-boy/girlfriends! Others have photos where the JDater is wearing sunglasses, while some have the person lost in group photos taken from a distance. Finally, some people post photos in which they are not looking directly at the camera. All of these profiles are not getting the attention that they would get if they had better photos.

A good profile will have at least two photos; one close-up photo of the person’s face without sunglasses or hat, and another photo that clearly shows the person’s body. All photos need to be in color; after all, black and white photos went out with the Betamax. Finally, keep the shirts on, guys! Guys tend to think that posting topless photos of themselves tends to increase the odds of them getting more dates. However, most women visualize this person as being vain and find it in bad taste.

There are no excuses for not having good photos on your profile. Digital cameras are so inexpensive these days, and even if you don’t have one, ask one of your friends to take some photos for you. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Why not tell everybody how great you are?

After being a bachelor for many years and counseling his friends about dating, Brad Berkowitz, who is now a JDate Success Story, decided to write the book, The 21st Century Guide to Bachelorhood: Lessons Learned Over 20 Years, to help other men navigate the dating scene. To purchase the book, click here! For more articles by Brad, click here.
  1. Hi Brad.
    I like your advice, though I wouldn’t want someone to take interest in me, just ’cause of my figure. That’s why my pics, show me from head to weist, rather than to toe although I am thin.
    I know that boys will be boys, but nowadays being gorgeous doesn’t always bring a man to commit.
    Plus, in the long run you need some substance in order to be attracted to someone, since looks fades.

    Where can we catch the “Mazal Tov” story of you and your Mrs.?

  2. I don’t actually agree with the story. Surprisingly, I have found that people with a great photo don’t look that good in person, whereas people with an ordinary looking photo look better in person.

  3. Brett, you are frequently correct. People will tend to post the best photo of themselves and sometimes they have changed. Perhaps the photo is out of date. That is why I recommend people have accurate photos on the site.

    Sharon, there is definitely more to a person than looks, but people will tend to pass by profiles if they don’t like the photos. You always want to put your best foot forward.


  4. Brad,
    I agree. It is so frustrating when you have to squint to see someone’s face, or try and figure out which one they are in a group shot – not to be vain, but let’s face it, would you go out with someone you’d never actually seen? Not to mention, I want to be sure it’s not a guy from my office 😉

  5. Susan, from a guy’s point a view, I would go out with a girl I hadn’t seen. From the few dates I have had with a girl with no photo, if they mention they are attractive in their profile, I have taken the risk and they have turned out to be attractive. However, trying to get a second date from them is another story. Unfortunately, I am finding that on the 3 years I have been on Jdate less and less girls are putting a photo on their profile, so sometimes there’s no choice but to date them if you’re lucky enough to get a date from them. When I started on JDate however 9 out of 10 girls wanted to see a photo of me, although I hadn’t posted one. Therefore I think girls go for photos as much as guys even if guys appear to go for looks more than girls.

  6. I agree with Brad esp for men who are more visual than women . If he doesn’t like your photo no matter how much you write about yourself he will not contact you period! Men have a fall back if the women is not as crazy about his photo but sees he will be a good provider she will often overlook it and give him a shot! No man approches a women cause of her sweet personality or education ! He approches her b/c he thinks she’s hot! Right on Brad

  7. Hey Fred,
    I agree pictures are a necessary screener when it comes to online dating, but pics aren’t the whole picture. Guys are very visual, you are right on about that, but taste is very subjective. I know plenty of average looking women, who are married to handsome men. In their eyes they are the most beautiful women in the world. I know of gorgeous women who always turn heads when entering a room, though still single (and know, they are not picky snobs who think there’s no one out there good enough for them).

    Attraction doesn’t have rules. Looks is important to make it happen, but it’s not the whole story.
    I bet you wouldn’t date a hot girl who has no intelligence.

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