I always thought there was supposed to be a point in a relationship when you both just “know” that it’s time to take the next step and be exclusively dating. Perhaps it’s when things, such as talking on the phone, going out or sleeping over become natural and assumed, instead of meticulously planned out, but I’m sure the signs are slightly different for everyone.

However, what do you do when you’ve seemingly reached that point with someone but are unsure if they’ve reached thesame level of comfort and commitment with you? Do you talk to them about it and risk freaking them out with the thought that you are trying to make things more serious than they are ready for? Or do you hold off for a little while in hopes that the other person catches up to you so you are both comfortably on the same page? Well, these are all good questions; but in my present situation I am unfortunately lacking good answers to any of them.

Honestly, I wish I was the one on the other side of this situation, but sometimes in life we just have to deal with the fact that the ball is going to remain forcibly stuck in our court pending us making a firm decision. In my case I’m not entirely sure what that decision will end up being; I do know that I need to make one soon because I know deep down that constantly thinking about the unknowns related to my current situation is going to be far worse than the results of the conversation where I finally decide to bring things up.