I think that it is completely rational at times for people to be afraid that they will never find the right person for them. While that particular fear isn’t high on my personal list of neuroses I can’t fault anyone who has it at the top of their own. We all want to meet someone, fall in love and live happily ever after. But when it’ll be our time is completely unknown to us.

Since I am someone who generally believes that things we want to happen in our lives largely occur when we are least expecting them to, I am able to maintain a positive outlook on my current single lifestyle even though, at times, it definitely frustrates me. With each mediocre first date or failed relationship it is human nature to question when everything is going to work out for us. But, simply because we want/deserve/think that everything should come together for us doesn’t mean it will.

As someone who recently turned 27 years old and, incidentally, also came to the subsequent realization that I couldn’t date 23 year olds anymore, I have been feeling the pool of available women beginning to shrink. Furthermore, even though there are a million different reasons why someone is single, at 27 I am beginning to wonder if there is something I’m doing, or about my personality, that is holding me back.

In spite of the fact that I don’t believe that there is anything “wrong” with me, or how I generally approach dating and relationships, when you’ve been single for long enough, crazy thoughts and self-doubt begin to creep into your mind. Even though I do believe that I will eventually meet the right woman for me, every time I am forced to go back to the drawing board after a date or relationship doesn’t work out it gets a little harder to convince myself to keep my faith.