Your wedding day WILL be the most fabulous! Day! Of! Your! Life!

However, hindsight is 20/20. There may be elements of your wedding that you may look back on with regret or remorse. It’s never a fabulous feeling, but you should know that as long as you have love, that’s all that really matters.

Womp, womp. I know, that’s super cheesy. But it’s true!

Just in case, though, it might be helpful to learn what other been-there-done-that brides have to say about their weddings. The Wedding Yentas recently asked a group of married ladies: What do you wish you could go back and change about your wedding day or wedding planning experience?

  • I wish I had my makeup artist come to the venue and or leave me makeup. After the toasts at the wedding, I was a crying mess and in all photos after that, I look like I have no makeup on. I should have coordinated for her to stay for touch ups or have a touch-up kit on hand to freshen up my face or reapply lipstick.
    – Alex N., California
  • I wish my husband and I had interacted more during the wedding ceremony. I recall telling him I think we should be holding hands and his response: “The Rabbi didn’t tell us to.” When standing in front of so many people, I think we both had a little stage fright, but I will always wish we held hands under the chuppah!
    – Sarah G., Washington
  • I wish I would have eaten more and drank just a little less. I recall the food being really good at our tasting and would have liked to partake in our entree a bit more which may have given me a better base for celebrating with some libations which ultimately left me not feeling so hot at the end of the night.
    – Desiree J., California
  • Instead of getting a videographer, which, at the time, I thought was silly, I had my brother-in-law’s fiancé video the ceremony on one of our small video cameras. Somewhere in the hustle of getting everyone packed up and out of the Farmhouse the next day, the video camera disappeared. Apparently, one of my husband’s employees got the ceremony on film on his cell phone but I’ve yet to receive a copy. If I had to do it again, I’d hire a videographer.
    – Mia G., California
  • I wish that I would have gotten married at the country club where my parents got married or at least had my reception there. At the time, we had too many people on the guest list to fit in that location. I am all about tradition and this would have had more sentimental meaning to me rather than at the Marriott.
    – Renee S., Kansas
  • I wish I wore my hair one way for the ceremony and took it down before the reception. Instead of the whole crazy dress change that celebs do, I think it’s fun to change your look simply with your hair! If I could do it all over again, I would have had two different hairstyles to complement the formal ceremony and the fun reception.
    – Nicole P., California
  • I felt like I was obligated to put a girl in my wedding party since I was a bridesmaid in her wedding two years prior. However, the friendship had changed since her wedding and we weren’t as close. The tension between us at the shower, bachelorette party, and even on my wedding day made it awkward for me and I wish I would have chosen another female friend that I was closer with at the time. Even though I just got married in May, the friendship between her and I no longer exists and now I have to have her permanently in my wedding album. What I would advise every bride-to-be is that this is the one day of your life where you can be selfish. Don’t try to please everyone and choose who you want to stand up next to you as you become husband and wife.
    – Ilene B., Georgia
  • While I loved my photographer and all of the images he produced, I did not give him a shot list. The list would have included a photo of all the families together, my grandma and me, all of our nieces and nephews with the two of us, and other special shots of some of my favorite people. My wedding memories were captured, but not every single one made it into my collection, and in hindsight, it makes me sad to think I lost out on some forever memories.
    – Annie F., California
  • I wish I had included my mom more in my wedding planning. I’m such a control freak that I didn’t stop to think about how much the wedding meant to her.
    – Rachel K., Hawaii
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