Sometimes people have a hard time letting go, especially if said severance involves a bad break-up, and even more so if this break up was with a now former friend. Let’s face it, no one wants to sweat the small stuff, so when presented with the opportunity to agree to disagree and enjoy (what was thought to be) a mutual parting of the ways, you jump on it – hoping to end things on at least a somewhat civil note. Clearly, this never works though, because why would any frienemy want to make life a teeny bit easier? So because they happen to get off on arguing (it’s no surprise you often find these fiends in law school) they jump at any opportunity to rehash arguments of the past hoping to annoy the hell out of you in the future. Well, not everyone gets off from licking old wounds. So when she tries to rip out stitches from something you thought had been secured, the flesh wound will be anything but minor, and little miss-behaved I will be happy to have you back in her life, yelling in her ear. Thus, I propose this, though killing a girl with kindness is a great tactic, but ignoring them completely is even better. Since she thrives on confrontation, she’ll have to navigate herself elsewhere to get the attention she wants (and so deserves)! And while you watch her writhing in angst over your non-returned invitation, you get the added bonus of having her resort to self-socializing – and nothing is better than a silent fight. Welcome to a new kind of cold war, kids.