I spoke to a guy a couple of nights ago for three hours. He said he was going to call this week. Should I call him? We had a lot in common, what should I do?
Dear Stacy,
Having a phone conversation for three hours speaks volumes about this guy! Three hours is quite a long time to talk to someone you have never met face to face; I can’t imagine you didn’t have a lot in common.
I’m wondering why you are not trusting about his promise to call.  My suggestion would be to send him a very brief email thanking him for a great conversation and you are looking forward to the next time the two of you speak.
If he said he was going to call, then trust that he will. If he doesn’t call within the week, keep your dating options open and find someone who is willing to follow through with what is said. Remember, actions speak much louder than words. 
Gems from Jen