On December 17, 2000 my maternal grandmother, Toby, an immigrant from Lithuania, passed away at age 90.  I knew her only wish for me was to marry a Jewish man which I wanted to fulfill, so I decided to join JDate. 

I began going on dates, one after the other; some good, some bad and some that turned into friendships.   I was starting to lose faith that I would never find the man that I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  After eight years of going on so many unsuccessful JDates, I was ready to give up on finding love, but then in November 2008, I had a glimmer of hope when I received an e-mail from a man named Ari. 

After looking at his profile, I immediately thought he was attractive and I emailed him back.  We continued to correspond through e-mail and phone conversations until December 28, 2008, when we decided to meet in person.   On our first date, we went to lunch, but I still wasn’t sure about Ari.  He continued to contact me so I decided to give him another shot.  We went on our second date and that was when I knew that this was going somewhere, we were both falling very quickly and within the first month, we were in love.

Our relationship was nothing like I had ever experienced before, but I knew that it felt right, so I went forward with reckless abandonment.  In April 2009, Ari and I purchased a new house together and on, April 12th on a day I thought was going to be a walk-through with the realtor, I met Ari at our new home and he proposed to me.  I couldn’t believe that not only had I met the most amazing man, but that we fell in love and now I was engaged to him.  I was so happy and it was all thanks to JDate.

On Sunday, May 16, 2010, Ari and I were married in a reform Jewish ceremony in Aberdeen, New Jersey.  It was the most perfect day for both of us and we shared it with our family and friends.  I have never felt love like this and can’t imagine my life without Ari.  He is the most generous, kind-hearted, sensitive and, just all around, greatest man I have ever met…and I was lucky enough to marry him.  We will forever be grateful for JDate.

Thank you,

Ilyse and Ari
Blackwood, NJ

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  1. Hallo,

    I met my husband on JDate.
    I am verry happy and thanks for evryting.
    We going TO SAYING ´YES´ to eachother on 21 December 2010 in LA.

    My regards från STOCKHOLM

    Helen Yonash Godfrey

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