My little brother (who is 6 inches taller than I am) and I used to hang out a lot. I wanted a t-shirt to read “——> I’m NOT with him!” or “—–> He’s my brother!” so that single guys wouldn’t not talk to me because they thought we were a couple. I know a lot of opposite gender siblings who are very close, as well as some former lovers, in addition to people who are just friends, and I think it’s actually a detriment to them and their desire to meet someone. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t hang out with your opposite gender relatives and friends; I’m just saying not to do it all the time. Or to make sure you’re sending the right signals to the singles and making sure your body language says “relatives” or “just friends” to your +1. Or even go ahead and make a t-shirt; if nothing else, it’s a conversation starter!

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