Happy March. Are you guys coming in like a lion and roaring your intentions to sweep that gal off her feet? Or are you closer to the lamb persuasion?

Tony Danza spent five years chasing after his future wife before she agreed to marry him. But when is enough enough? If I’m interested in at least a long term relationship and I don’t sense it’s reciprocal by date 2, I cut my losses. If they don’t get me, I don’t get them. Not that I sometimes don’t get me! If I were a “me” salesman, I’d have a lot of “me’s” left on the lot. Maybe I’m folding too early?

A persistent Rob Petrie once said about a dismissive Laura before she became Mrs. Petrie: “That’s the woman I’m gonna marry!” Why was he so sure she wouldn’t just slap him with a restraining order? Okay, she was cast as his wife, that’s why.

It’s human nature to be wary of stuff at first. New TV shows. New main squeezes. They need to get used to you. But still – five years of chasing? As the cowardly lion famously growled in The Wizard of Oz, “If I only had the noive.”

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