The phrase “searching for Mr. Right” is very common.  Women use it whenever they discuss their lucrative plans for finding and marrying the unattainable and incorruptible male.  To date, no woman has found such a creature, yet their determination is strengthened every time they find any perceivable flaw in any man they come across.  They are too stubborn to realize that “Mr. Right” does exist, but only in movies, novels, and other fictional products of imperfect male imaginations.

There is no comparable phrase that men use when searching for a companion of the opposite (or same) sex.  You don’t hear guys at some dive bar giddily talking about their search for “Ms. Right.”  Men have been through too much to believe in the fantasy of perfection.  Most guys (me) will settle for anybody that seems nice.  I think, instead, guys use the phrase, “I’m still searching for somebody tolerable,” which sometimes devolves into, “I’m still searching for a breathing female”.

Some men think that they have met “Ms. Right” in the past, but she is really the glossed memory of a first love that has been enhanced by time.  Seriously, who doesn’t look back kindly onto their first kiss or first love?  Granted, I do not want to get back together with the first girl I kissed, or the first girl I thought I loved.  Okay, I kind of do.  Yet, though their memory lives on in our minds as unrestrained perfection, the truth is often marred by reality.  For example, the first girl that I kissed was also kissing three other guys, (though not at the same time).  Though I know this now, the memory is still too strong to be tainted by truth.  She was still perfect.