The Kibitz Corner is back…

 In celebration of Monopoly’s 75th Anniversary we posed the follow question to our members:

“In the game of Monopoly, the  __          piece best represents my personality.”

Here are the top 10 most creative answers we received!

1. Airplane…I am always seeking what lies beyond the horizon..even when i am not physically traveling, my mind is on journeys into the mystic realms that make up so much of […]my art work and poetry…the airplane represents the ability to make the soul soar into the realms of possibilities…

 jaritl, 67, Divorced, Man seeking a Woman, Tallahassee, FL

 2. The Iron . Because I am Smooth and Hot Baby Yea!!!! : )

Neill, 38, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Los Angeles,

 3. Train. I’m always powering ahead. Always moving forward with positive momentum. Not to mention I’m carrying a bit of cargo. LOL

 STKAMAMA, 31, Separated, Woman seeking a Man, Philadelphia, PA

 4. I always used the shoe: I believe in actively walking through life, you can’t really run or you won’t get to enjoy the sights

 anonymous…, 23, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Fair Lawn, NJ

 5. I always liked the thimble. When someone starts stabbing out of frustration, one of my fingers is in the clear.

AprilsRoc…, 26, Single, Woman seeking a Man, Chicago, IL

 6. Dog. I’m loyal, smart, loving and man’s best friend.. or more. :-p

 Judith22, 22, Single, Woman seeking a Man, London, United Kingdom

 7. The Top Hat: I’m classy, made of solid pewter, and apparently capable of considerable real-estate savvy.

 sansmalheur, 26, Single, Man seeking a Woman, New Haven, CT

 8. House – I’m very much into making a happy, comfortable home for my friends and family… that said, who doesn’t love spending a week at a hotel on vacation?

 carrie1218, 39, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, Brentwood (LA), CA

 9. My personality is multifaceted….. one piece is not enough.

 Gr8L80, 50, Divorced, Woman seeking a Man, Toronto, Canada

 10. If you combine the starwars and regular games, I’d go with Chewbacca with the top hat. I’d rename that one Wacka-chicka Chewbacca.

 Hebrewham…, 30, Single, Man seeking a Woman, Valley Cottage, NY