Inna and Nahum

Dear JDate,

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

When I first signed up for JDate, I was skeptical. You hear about all these success stories, but I never knew anybody personally who had experienced success. However, I decided to give JDate a chance.


It was Friday night when I registered and on Saturday, I received my first Instant Message (IM). I looked at the guy’s profile and it was nice, so I answered. We started talking and eventually set a date for our first date.

We met and we haven’t been apart since. Love at first sight? Yes and it does exist. We got married on May 24, 2009 and have been living happily since then.

I wanted to thank you again for helping me find the love of my life. Who would believe that I would be a JDate Success Story!?

Thank you!


Inna and Nahum
Brooklyn, NY

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  1. I really love hearing about these success stories, but I have been on jdate for years, and although I think being a decent looking woman, it really takes the right moment to hit on the right one. I’ve heard horror stories about this site, yet good ones as well, but I’m really perplexed how someone could be so terribly fortunate to chose one person, and that very first one is the one someone marries. It’s like a miracle come true so,…all you jdaters out there, pray for me that I find my guy real soon!! Thanks!

  2. Hi Sandra. I have also been on jdate for years and I think I am a decent looking man. Let’s get in touch. We may the ones for each other and I hope I am the guy you will find real soon!

  3. The majority of the peopple on this site do NOT find the love of their life on the first contact. To hope for that is unrealistic and a fairy tale. And yes.. most people have been on this site for years or multiple times. But we all want a connection.. so we keep trying and hoping..

  4. When I first went on JDate years ago, I met a man who I thought was “the one.” I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. After a year, I realized that the ghosts in his mind would never go away and I stopped seeing him. Since then, I’ve had contact with so many creepy guys who lie about everything including their marital staus and turn a pleasant first IM or phone conversation into a 976 call. I hate to give up, but paying for the depressing experiences I’ve had is a waste of money.

    I wish you all better luck!!

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