The days are longer, the weather is warmer and summer is finally here! This season gives you the unique opportunity to toss the standard (and sometimes boring) dates ideas and spice things up with an activity that’s a bit more engaging and fun. The key is to keep things interesting, so use the following list for warm weather date ideas that let you focus on each other in a brand-new way.

1. Baseball Game

Baseball involves the outdoors, food, sports and generally a lot of fun. Rather than go to a Major League game, consider visiting a Minor League Team. The tickets are less pricey, and the games tend to be a lot more interactive. You may even find yourself entering a raffle or contest on the field itself. The game itself isn’t as fast moving as hockey or soccer, allowing you to enjoy the game without having to limit conversation with your date. Many stadiums also have a picnic section, so if beer and hot dogs aren’t your thing, you can bring your own stuff to snack on. Remember to snap a photo with the mascot before you leave.

2. Food Festival

While on the topic of noshing, how about taking your date to a food festival? During the summer, lots of food and beverage festivals take place, especially on the weekends. Check your local city or neighborhood calendar to find out when they are and plan accordingly.

Food and beverage festivals allow you two to be amateur critics. You can bond over your likes and dislikes while enjoying some great local delicacies. Make note of the places that you each enjoy, as they may come in handy for a date night in the future.

3. Wine Tasting

You no longer need to go to Napa to visit wine country. It seems as if new wineries are popping up all over the place nowadays, each with their own specialty grapes and unique blends. Plan a trip to visit a few wineries and enjoy their tastings. Many wineries offer cheese and crackers for purchase, but having a nice picnic in the vineyard allows you to lengthen the date, absorb the beauty of your surroundings and have an opportunity to learn about one another. Buy a bottle of your favorite pick from the tasting to accompany your picnic or to serve when making a romantic dinner at home.

4. Concert

A concert, especially an outdoor one, is a great way to spend a cool, breezy summer night. Enjoy the live music and the roar of the crowd as you dance along with your date. Why not pick up a concert tee to commemorate the special event? Even if you won’t wear it out during the day, it makes a great keepsake.

5. Beach

Your beach day doesn’t necessarily have to be a lazy day in the sand. Make sure to pack a volleyball, Frisbee or kite so you can intersperse the time spent relaxing in the sun with something a bit more active.

Remember – the key to planning a successful date is selecting something you both enjoy, allowing yourselves time to interact with one another, and building fun memories that make your relationship grow stronger. So shake up your typical date routine and try something new!

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